Waiting to start just makes you older... not stronger.

CrossFit 155 is a fitness facility that has multiple programs designed for the first time CrossFitter through competitive athletes, and everyone in between. Our focus is on teaching correct functional movement mechanics to clients regardless of their current fitness level. We use our knowledge and multi-level training system to take the capability and fitness of our clients as far as they want to go. At CrossFit 155 we integrate proper warm ups, strength training, conditioning, mobility and flexibility protocols into every workout.  In each class we help professional and college athletes, stay-at-home moms, police and firefighters, military personal, youth and high school athletes, weekend warriors, grandmothers, and corporate professionals get in the best shape of their lives.

Our Philosophy

The main focus with all our clients and athletes is correct movement mechanics and properly scaled workouts. We believe that any fitness program, CrossFit included, should be developed and taught so that athletes remain engaged for the rest of their lives. The foundation of our strength and fitness programs is teaching impeccable movements and correctly prescribing workouts so that improvement in fitness are consistent and a state of over-training and injury is never reached.

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Getting Started

If you want to try CrossFit 155, but feel like you aren’t “fit” enough, our Foundations Classes and Beginners Program are designed just for you. In our 6-class Foundations Program we will teach you the basic CrossFit movements, and the structure of CrossFit Classes. Then, you can take what you have learned and apply it to our Beginners Program, designed for clients that are new to CrossFit or have never exercised before.

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